BSN HyperFX - 30 Servings (2 Flavors)

To at least add some substance to this comment thread: The watermelon flavor is one of their worst selling flavors and rightly so, it’s terribad. This is a pre-work out supplement used to give you an extra “pump” doing weight lifting or a bit more endurance from its vasodilating beta-alanine.

The most common complaint is a pricky or tingly sensation in the hands and face due to the sudden increased blood flow due to the vasodilation. This is just due to an “overdose” of beta-alanine which is particularly harmless in healthy adults. Those with cardiac or pulmonary issues should probably stay away from this product for more than a number of reasons, but mostly from the possible interaction with other vasodilating medications and the excessive caffiene.

All, in all, it’s a crumby product at the price point and significantly better products can be found for less.

P.S. How many times did I use the word due?