BSN N.O. XPLODE 2.0 Grape, 30 servings

Here are some reviews (4 star) via Vitamin Shoppe

This is really some awesome stuff. I don’t workout without it. I usually buy it online for twice the price. The grape tastes great, also!

Yay woot!!

You can get it .023 dollars cheaper if you buy 90 serving on bodybuilding. Decent price; good product. Shipping kills this deal though. You can get free ship on other sites

[MOD: Did you include the almost $8 shipping for the 90 servings?]

Lots of good reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Video review, courtesy of TheTigerFitness [youtube=BIkK1nNsQWo][/youtube]

All star health link

So, does no xplode keep our brave de-miners safe in the field? Because if so, I’m a big fan

That would be fantastic. I’m not so sure about that, though ;).

Also if I remember correctly you also get free 2-3 day shipping, which is great compared to woots unknown processing and 5 day ship date.

Another idea is to take half a caffeine pill before you workout. Much cheaper.

not so good considering AMAZON has this for $23.50, free 2 day shipping (for those with Prime).

The good:
-This stuff works great; gives you a nice caffeine kick, and makes you “swole” (only being half sarcastic there; nitric oxide gives an increased “pump”).
-Lessens recovery time somewhat.
-Doesn’t have DMAA or any other dangerous stuff in it.

The bad:
-There’s a pretty good chance this stuff will give you acne.
-Might keep you up at night if you take it before a late afternoon/night workout…treat it like a cup of coffee; it has 100mg of caffeine per scoop.

Honestly…you’re probably better off with a cup of tea or coffee an hour before your workout. Give it a try if you’re curious though. I don’t regret it.

My husband uses supplements when he works out, and I just asked if he wanted me to get this for him. His response was that this stuff should be called YES-XPLODE, because that’s what happens to you in the bathroom when you take it. He says he hasn’t had that problem with too many other brands.

The warning is longer then the ingredient list. Doesn’t anybody read what they are eating anymore?

Was about to say the same thing…‘NO’ Xplode is false advertising.

Bought the fruit punch flavor when was on sale last time.

It worked great at first, really gave me some extra energy to get through my workouts. HOWEVER, I quickly built up a tolerance to the stuff. I soon began to feel sluggish without it. It really started to mess with my sleep as well (not sleeping as long and poorer quality of sleep) even though I was taking it at least 10 hours before i would be going to bed.

In addition I had the fun experience of going through the withdrawal headaches for days after quitting ( I don’t normally drink caffeine outside of green tea ).

I am sure the fact that I work out 5 days a week had a lot to do with it, so may be a completely different story if you are only planning on using it once-twice a week.

Long story short, I bought 2 tubs of the stuff last time to bundle shipping… now I have a tub and a half sitting in my closet going unused…

I’m really worried about exploding now because I don’t take this! I can’t afford to not explode. Oh well, nice knowing you guys.

Yeah, the whole work out supplement thing kind of scares me for that reason. Try finding a single thing in a GNC or a Sports Smoothie place that has pronounceable ingredients. I kind of just prefer the ol’ cashews, fruit and water thing myself.

But hey, if it works for you guys, go for it.

As a former athlete I used to take this stuff. However after my 2007 season my organization banned this product after it was discovered that all the athletes who took this the previous season showed severe liver damage. Take with caution!