BSN N.O. XPLODE 2.0 Grape, 30 servings

**Item: **BSN N.O. XPLODE 2.0 Grape, 30 servings
Price: $12.99
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TONS of solid reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Check out this detailed review [youtube=BIkK1nNsQWo][/youtube]

Bought the cherry limeade flavor a while back and just recently have been going back to the gym and using this.

A scoop in a half glass of water about 15 minutes before I leave for the gym and the timing is about right for when I start to ramp up on cardio or weights.

I think one serving has something like 225-250 grams of caffeine, which is largely what keeps you going. When using this, I feel like I can go for hours and I usually get sore before I get tired. The l-arginine provides for a nice pump.

The negatives are that it can be fierce on the stomach. Also, they use artificial sweetener to make it taste cloyingly sweet… why can’t they just use a little bit of granulated sugar and call it fine? It’s not like we drink these out of flavorful enjoyment… I think most just chug it down as fast as possible and chase it with water.

There are many competitors to this brand on the market, so this is not a unique product. Just search Amazon for “nitric oxide” and you’ll see just how many options there are.

Here are some reviews (4 star) via Vitamin Shoppe

It’s a good thing I read this review. Was going to pull the trigger on a bottle to try, after not initially seeing the caffeine content in this. Having a life-threatening allergy to caffeine, I have to watch what I consume. Going back and looking at the “specs” (ingredients) I now see Caffeine, but its grouped with other ingredients, and doesn’t specify how much is in a single serving.

According to this thread post, it apparently has approx 200 mg of caffeine per serving.

But, it looks as if there is a non-caffeine version here

A very interesting post. I almost bought it for my sons but they’re getting too much caffeine from different sources. Your post filled me in completely.

I must say it’s a pleasure to see the word “cloyingly” used properly for the 1st time in years! You’re obviously quite intelligent, please be careful with frequent, massive doses of caffeine that are that hard on your stomach. You know the risks I’m sure but even a fit, youthful individual can have severe reactions at a few grams. One of my sons seized from much less caffeine than the amount of GRAMS you’re talking about in 1;dose. HOLY S—!

His neurologist almost pulled his drivers license for a full year, the only thing that made him adjust caffeine consumption.

I don’t mean to poke my nose in anyone’s life on here but that’s a
helluva caffeine dose.

Caution should be exercised by anyone using this supplement in my opinion.

Edit, are you sure its grams and not milligrams?

Yes. I bought this on here a few months back. Will try to upload some bathroom mirror pictures of my chiseled torso soon . . .

Did you mean milligrams? Big diferrence 250grams =250,000 mg. let the palpitation begin

I just edited my post with the same question. It can’t be that many grams!

I will try to upload some bathroom mirror pictures of my chiseled torso soon to… Im 60… well almost 61 and I wouldn’t touch anything like this if you paid me and I have been lifting for over 50 years. I would invest the money in good healthy food though… But thats just my humble opinion :slight_smile:

The company name should be BS, not BSN. Nitric oxide products don’t improve athletic performance. They are great for penile erections, though.

This might be a good product if it weren’t filled with artificial coloring, flavoring and no less than 2 artificial sweetners, one known to be a carcinogen, one must wonder where the health benefits would be from drinking this crap…

I dont think this can compare to MusclePharm Assault, or DS Craze, but it does give me a little boost. Be warned when mixing this, do not spill it anywhere because it stains EVERYTHING. Tastes ok, as you mix it, it does fizz and foam a little as well.

I just want to know how to “access my tolerance” as it says in the description for this product. :slight_smile:

LoL…some funny comments here :slight_smile:

Obviously if you don’t know your body and how it reacts to caffeine, or don’t want to check with your doc - you should stay away. Most Pre-Workouts are the equivalent of 3-4 cups of coffee per dose. So if a cup of starbucks sends you bouncing around like Bugs Bunny - then it’s probably not for you. At the same time, if you walk around the office all day with a never-ending cup of coffee…probably not for you if you’re looking for a workout lift ['cause you’re probably numb to the caffeine as it is].

Also, you don’t have to go with the recommended dose. I know plenty of smaller female athletes who take half the dose and still get all the benefits, which goes back to that whole knowing your body thing. I’ve cycled pre-workouts for years…and with good diet, good workout plan, and proper water intake - have never had an issue, but that’s just me. When you’re in the gym at 6am every morning before going to the office, chasing a toddler at home, and involved in other extra-curriculars - it’s nice to have a boost with some benefits.

And NO is helpful when used correctly…contrary to what someone else above stated! :slight_smile:

Excedrin from Costco is about 5 cents per 65mg of caffeine. Take 2 of those and a performance multivitamin and that’s all you get from this overpriced supplement garbage anyway. And it’s not like you don’t need the pain relief anyway.

Sweet! Pre-workout boner powder.