BSN N.O.XPLODE Igniter Shot-12 Pack



For those of us males that like to “explode”, are these safe to consume?


I’m in for 1, start my spring workout and need the motivation to loose the winter tonage.


I too would like to know how this would affect my sperm count.


Want to make sure everyone saw that they expire 2/28/13. I would not be able to use all of these in time.


Here they are in different flavors, but the Woot! price is definitely a deal!!!


Id like to know how it affects women also


Eh I’m sure they’d be fine long after the “best by” date


Here is the review

They are a solid product. N.O. Explode has been around for a while and has maintained a consistent formula. It is a lot of caffeine (270 mg/bottle); however, they lack a lot of the questionable synthetics in other pre-workouts. For people just starting out or needing a little motivation, these are perfect! They are premixed, and most people, even those who lift regularly, can get away with 1/2 bottle most of the time. Start with 1/2 and work your way up like the bottle says…you will get all the hype and get more bang for your buck. They can cause a minor crash or sweats, shakes, nausea, dizziness, etc. if taken on an empty stomach or for first-timers; so it is important to assess your tolerance.

Those worried about the exp date should not fear. The drink is loaded with preservatives and will maintain its freshness and explosion properties for months beyond 28-Feb…trust me…I use this type of stuff all the time.


great reviews (8.8 out of 10) at


I bought these last time, and I use the standard N.O. Powder too. These will definitely get you going with the caffeine, and I can only do half a bottle max. I do not believe these have the creatine like the powder though.
Best use for me (honestly) is I can go to the bathroom on command with these things. Like a super power.


Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna quote that last sentence, if you don’t mind. :tongue:


These are awesome for when I go snowboarding. Easy to stay going all day. They don’t taste bad either.


Yes, more caffeinated woots! In for two.


Bought a few boxes last time these were on sale. They’re really convenient, easy to have on hand, and give you a good boost. I really need a spike in the afternoons, and I can count on 2-3 hours of “up time” off one bottle. They work well as an “energy drink”, and increase your mental focus quite well, but my only caveat is I wouldn’t recommend them as a pre-workout supplement.


If these cause me to turn into a big, green rage monster and I kill some civilians, can it be used as a defense in court?


Anybody else worried about how these things expire in a month. If that just means they taste bad I’m fine with that but I don’t want to be an extremely energetic vomiter.


Sadly these contain artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and sweeteners.


Plenty of time for more BPA to leach from the plastic and mingle with the rest of the toxic stew in the bottle.

Why can’t folks just drink a cup of coffee & down a few caps of theanine (an amino) for “insane energy & focus” - oh, that’s right, there’s no full page ads in Muscle & Fitness for it…


I ordered these last time. They’re good for pre-workout if you’re planning on lifting or doing strenuous activity. For cardio, I prefer something else as these tend to give me more of an “I can pick-up the world!!!” than “I can run forever” feeling.