bubba Trailblazer Water Bottle, 40oz, Tutti Fruity

bubba Trailblazer Water Bottle, 40oz, Tutti Fruity


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I pay more for the sf this takes up

Got my dollar 40 oz bottle mouse! Seeya’s tomorrow night for the next $1.00 deal!

By the way, looks like 7 states missed out on the deal!

Yeah, nice! Although DO be careful about drinking TOO much water, it can contribute to congestive heart failure!! Cardiologists uber allez!

Had it in my cart, did the payment and shipping stuff, placed order, and got a green spinny wheel (not VoP).
Spinny wheel went away and the place order screen came back at full price (not a dollar), logged me out of amazon, and added shipping charges.

Doesn’t look like it made it to my order history so I’m not sure if I am upset or relieved about that. If that’s how it works though, then, of course, no one from my state bought one.

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Me too! WTF