Who is Bubba?
Is it…



How’d you know?


You know you’r a Bubba if…


I know everythig, except how to spell.


Ok, so Fen is either KT or dont.
They are the only ones who worry about bubbas, and use that term.

I’m done with this, it sucks.

pissed off


well… maybe kt cause dont knows how to spell… unless thats the idea


I never knew KT did the bubba thing, I thought it was just D’name.
Funny they where the two to meet in person.


maybe it’s MPD


He isn’t me. I told him about the bubba today in a PM. I don’t think he is KT either.


You had mentioned it once before, I think.


from a PM i received…

dont, what’s with you and bubba??? LOL


I was gonna type somthin witty, but I’m to tired.


Fen ≠ me.

I have been without internet since dinnertime. You can call my service provider. I swear.

Besides Fen is mathematical. I am not. He’s far more intelligent than I am.


Start your own discussion threads on exclusively non-Woot things.** Gab on as you may, guy and gal set.**

You know, I always thought that said “grab on…”


I admitted a long time ago to being supermaxbubba’sgf. But I only used that for like a maximum of 5-10 posts. I know who supermaxbubba was, but I have been sworn to secrecy.

I do not know who Fen is. I have my suspicions, as usual.


Oh, that was you.
Fen, how did you come up with the bubba!
Maybe pblgov is Fen?!?!?!

All women worry about the bubba! Why do you think KT made me go to the cape! You can not get sea sick on the full size ferry.


What’s the name of the she-Bubba?


Me Fen??? I know it’s past midnight, did you start drinking already?


I would never shoot bottlerockets at people!


Being from Alabama, I have a brother named Bubba, an uncle named Bubba and a cousin named Bubba.