Bubble Thing Big Bubbles Wand and Mix

Bubble Thing Big Bubbles Wand and Mix

I like big bubbles and I cannot lie


I did my part with this one last time…

Got this thing last woot off. My 3 year old grandson won’t let a big bubble form, he pops them right away.

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It won’t allow me to purchase it. I can’t get past proceed to checkout. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Woot 4.4.0

@godwin29 you have to accept the address and/or credit card before you can place the order.

I can’t get past this page, I do not get to select anything.


Both of you.

I’m not gonna lie, this is pretty fun. The kids love it. I picked up two more as gifts.

You sold me, picked one up.

In for 2.

When you make the bubble mixture, let it sit for a day or two. It will produce bigger stronger bubbles.

Thanks, my bad.

Look at the post above. :smile:

Good to know, mine didn’t work. But I didn’t have the recommended dish soap when I tried.

For a better bubble mixture, check out the link below.

Awesome, thanks you. I will check it out when woot bots put up a square card reader.