Bubbling Old Cauldron

Love the Mom part.

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I’m in if you make one

But what’s the venn diagram for “Put you hand inside the puppet head”

That’d be a a Meh thing.

I want the pictured cauldron.

Don’t you have one in your kitchen?

Got mine yesterday 11/2
3 different cordless chargers in there, some random art paint etc
all an all not a bad crap clearly worth 10 bucks
and one of my craps was a returned item from a guy in Nevada complete
with his return sticker on the package for a charging block battery thingy

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Head over here and share! :smiley:

You should mail it back to him.


got my bag of chickens
its a box full of wireless chargers
lots of wireless chargers! and of course a woot BAG for my crap