Buck Shack Proprietary Red Wine Blend (4)

Buck Shack Proprietary Red Wine Blend 4-Pack
Sold by: Shannon Ridge Inc
$59.99 $140.00 57% off List Price
2014 Buck Shack Red Wine Blend, Lake County, California

First sucker is Mill, unique blend, most of my favorite varietals. I’m certainly tempted. With decent rattage I’d be in.

11:00 am on the east coast and not a peep yet so doesn’t seem likely there are grape debaters out there. :cry:

WineSearcher finds this for $21 at another inet site, and ct value at over $30 with $35 from the producer. So for a quick check WD did us good on pricing. Clark likes Lake County and does good things with his fruit, however the few other SR bottles I’ve had are with mixed results.
We had their '14 CS here back in December and the '12 of this a year ago here with some rattage.

I ratted one of this label’s wines. It may have been this one (or was it a CS?).

In any case, I thought it was really good QPR. Lost was also a rat and our notes were similar as was our assessment of the QPR.

Edit: we ratted the '12.

2013 Michael Gill Cellars “Big Rock” Syrah for my beautiful bride’s birthday dinner

16.3% baby!

Classic lost…

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Check your email – you owe me Bedrock $$. So does lost.

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