Bucket of Candycorn

and again I get stuck on the confirm purchase screen and then routed to an error sold out after 20 mins… server upgrade?

Not fair! I get to the order page and put in cc info and hit the gold button, then it takes forever and times out saying IE couldn’t display the page. Refresh & repeat a few times until it finally just tells me it sold out! At the very lease if I make it to the order page I should be able to order :frowning: I want my Bag of Crap :frowning:

and I am STILL on the check out paging confirming my order after i pressed that stupidly large button…pretty sure I’m not gonna get it :frowning:

It used to be, but not any longer. After getting mine I told a co-worker about the alternate site trick and he got through without a single retry (but a little slow) on any screen. Then after he got his another co-worker came in (carrying his two new T-Mobile Galaxy S 2 phones) and he got his the same way. Mine required two retries.

3 times i clicked buy it, and all 3 times it took me back to the main site…so far, my account info is without a barrage of candy…ahh so close…but i did get the september one…that was real crap…but its the risk that makes it so fun…congrats to those who got through!

That is so much the truth. The more people crowing on the board, the less chance for the rest of us. Thanks a lot, people!

Got 1!
Thanks Woot!

mine was a level 9?

Today is a day of personal victory, as I got my first every BOC.


Got to the end at least six times during that fiasco. 15 times to “yes info is correct”, six times got to click “buy it”…wait…wait…connection reset. Over and over again. Awesome. Wasted 30 minutes trying to buy.

Thanks Woot… send me something good!

let me get all the way to putting in my card info and noting…4 times!! looks like i’ll never get my bag of crap

I never got past the confirm page, but lucky me, just got the confirmation email!!!

Ordered within 15 seconds of start, couldn’t get past ordering screen for over an hour here in the midwest. 5 order screens = no crap. :frowning:

Just got my email confirmation for BoC #7. That’s 3 in a row for me. I’m on a crappy roll. Lol.

(However, I will admit that the previous 2 were indeed very crappy, so my hopes are not too high for this one. But hey, it’s the thrill of the hunt, right?)

Same here. Something is certainly rotten in wootmark. I did see a lot of first timers winning and remember that woot posted something surrounding the last woot off that explained they had begun running some program that only allowed certain members through but I don’t know what the criteria was. If it truly is to share the wealth, why not send an email so those of us not on the preferred list don’t waste time?

Woohoo!! Got my first ever Bushels of Coriander!!! does happy dance

I got to the big gold button to buy. TWICE!!! and both times it timed out. :- ( NO confirmation . Boo

Indeed…the first rule about fight club is you don’t talk about fight club.

in for my first!!! thank you woot gods!!!

Never got the order confirmation page but I got a confirmation e-mail and right before it sold out. Didnt cheat to get it either. That’s 3 BOCs since April 1st :smiley: