Bucket of Candycorn

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The servers hate me.

Server fail

comeon load!

I click…it loads, then takes me right back to the main screen…

3 pages open and none getting through.



PLZPLZPLZ WHYWHYWHY AGAIN?! i didn’t get one last time after trying for an hour…why why why woot? WHY?!

I can never get one of these! Just freezes up! Is there a trick? LOL

I should have one of these now, this is bull$hlt!

I’m going to be REALLY nice, since I just scored my first bindle of carrots. Change the site from woot.com to wine.woot.com

You’re welcome

I agree with your myth theory

I agree with your myth theory

its crashing noooooooooo… and i clicked the second it changed…

Sa-weet. Just my my 2nd Bag of Crap

yay!!! thank you Woot!s. Got yet another BoC…!

I keep getting a blank white screen. No error message or anything.

Got one, thanks woot!

I will take pictures if you’d be so kind as to deliver it to my hotel instead of my house, as I will likely be on vacation when it is due to arrive :slight_smile:

Sometime you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. And other times you go “AAAAAAAAAH IT’S A BEAR!” and flee, and no one gets anybody