Buckyballs 125-Piece Magnetic Set – Blue Edition

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Buckyballs 125-Piece Magnetic Set - Blue Edition
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These are cool. If you bought the last woot keep these separate. We don’t want any mix ups

First you get the blue pills, then you get the blue balls.

Oh the Irony of selling blue balls after selling male enhancement blue pills.

Blue pills, then blue balls !!!

These “Buckyballs” and a nice match for that Nutritional Supplement

Please do not confuse the Buckyballs with the EnhanZE tablets in the previous woot.

Blue balls after the blue pills? Ouch!

So Extenze and then…blue balls…


these are blue also, I hope I don’t get them confused with my boner pills from previous

You beat me to it. Or beat something, anyway.

Blue Buckyballs for all of you that just got the extenze

Seriously? You follow up the wiener pills with blue balls?

arghghh! Blue Balls!

Great… Now we have blue balls… Funny.

wow we went from blue pills to blue balls whose messin with us today

Male enhancement product followed by blue balls? Seriously?

just what i need to go with my boner

those who did not get the extenze are stuck with blue balls.