Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set 2-Pack - Black & Gold Editions

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Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set 2-Pack - Black & Gold Editions

* + $5 shipping

1 Black Edition Buckyballs 216 Piece Rare Earth Magnetic Building Sphere Set
1 Gold Edition Buckyballs 216 Piece Rare Earth Magnetic Building Sphere Set

These are $29.95 for each set plus $5.95 shipping from the manufacturer. Not a bad deal!


These magnets are great, like metal floam. The more I have the more I want. And they are usually this price for one set, so I’m in for three (six)

Obligatory comparison between these and Zen Magnets. Spoiler Alert: Zen Magnets are better…

Zen Magnets are superior to Buckyballs in every way, from higher strength and tighter manufacturing tolerance to not having a douchebag running the company.

Oh, I love these SO MUCH.

The black and gold editions cost $5 more set on their site.

Seriously, do people actually buy these things?

the product website

and the recall…

as long as these have the “not for under 13” warning on them, they’re not covered by the recall. because apparently 12 year olds are still in the habit of swallowing their toys…

(Edit: I didn’t see that ya’ll posted the recall link at the end of the description… but I still wonder if 12 year olds are mentally handicapped to the point that they eat their toys…)

I got them from the last woot. The balls from the two sets weren’t the same size. Both sets were different sizes from the other sets I have.

The black ones had a dull finish too, which is strange. My other black ones aren’t like that.

Bought 6 woots (12 sets) of these back when these Buckyballs were offered on Woot (regular stainless steel color). $180+s/h. Played with them for 2 hours and now is a big mass on a shelf.

The CEO of Buckyballs is a donkey hole and his product is inferior.

Do yourself and the world a favor and buy a better product while supporting a better company.

Always great info. Thanks.

These look like so much fun. My nephew has a similar magnet toy with both rods and bearings that I always end up playing with for an hour when they’re in sight. I’d buy these if not for the fact that I don’t want to support that company. Get some Zens here and I promise I’ll order those (if the price is good of course).

Considering the amazon price for zen magnets are $47 right now, using the coupon code “nootropic” on the zen magnets site directly is pretty much like half price!

But seriously, buckys coating will not last nearly as long.

These are tons of fun! The perfect office cube toy if that’s the kind of place you work in. I can’t get more though…I have over 1000 of these…
To the Zen magnet supporters: who cares? Steve Jobs is a dill-hole but people still buy his crap. And he openly insults other companies products, all the time. That MUST make his stuff superior!
These are cheaper…kind of the whole point of woot…

I bought these last go round and believe me, they are hard to put down.