Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set 2-Pack - Black & Gold Editions

not this again… grrr

Breaks down into tears and passes out

You have got to be kidding…

You HAVE to be kidding… All that for some steel balls?

Great - Buckyballs! And I thought sitting through the Houdini car thing took long enough!

These are going to kill someone’s dog or cat…

just saying…


why me…

Well, time for bed.

Does Woot have stock in this company? They seem to have these constantly! Let’s get a pile of screaming monkeys for those of us who’ve never got any!!!


All that time waiting for a REPEAT?!?!?!

teach me how to bucky, teach, teach me how to bucky

AGAIN? sigh

Somebody, anybody, Give me a qualty woot! I’m dying here.

i havent been so angry scince a creeper blew me up in minecraft

why do they call these buckyballs?? they don’t resemble buckyballs in the slightest.

I hereby dub this Wootoff “The Wootoff of regurgitation”.

Seriously, I’ve never seen so many repeats in one Wootoff before. How many times have we seen these this Wootoff? 2? 3?

Seems like there are only 9 things in it, and they keep rotating.

had purchased Gold Edition through woot, the gold color wore off within 10 days, the gold turned into silver :wink: