Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set 2-Pack - Black & Gold Editions

Wootoff killer 4 sure.

Is there some never ending supply of Buckyballs somewhere!!!

great deal…everybody loves these things

Hmm these magnets are pretty attractive.

Damn, these things again?

I got four of the green ones. I’ve been making bracelets, chokers, rings, sculptures…the little things are just irresistible!

Are these the smaller ones like the green St Pats or the full size ones?


my plans for world domination and a Boston Bruins Life-size buckyball bear are almost complete.

Wow those went fast…

My gosh. As soon as I saw this on the wootalyzer, I kept refreshing until I saw it. I went to buy 3, entered my security code, and hit submit. But … “[my] order is NOT in.”! WTF Woot!?


I swallowed a nail earlier today. I plan on making a string of buckyballs to slide down my throat to retrieve it. What could go wrong?

Bucky wants his balls back.


I can’t believe that I missed these in my drive to work. So much for not obsessively checking your phone on the road being a good thing. >.>

I got the St patties’ ones a few weeks ago and have been playing with them nonstop since. If the Woot Gods have any mercy, I implore them to Wootoff another couple of sets of Buckyballs today…or throw them to my Birds of Onomatopoetic Convulsions!

Just don’t let your kids or animals swallow them as they are so powerful they will pull themselves together in your intestines and, most likely, kill you.

Geez, mom. How dId you get in here?

Aww, can’t believe I missed these! :’(

I have 2 sets of silver, and 2 sets of the green and have been playing with them a lot since I got the greens. I want some black/gold to complete the “Buckyball Color Spectrum” but alas… I missed it.

Until next time, I guess…