Buckyballs 216 Piece Rare Earth Magnetic Set – 2 Pack

…and goodnight

These are cool little toys, but they took forever to sell out last time they were on… best I can remember.

Do not taunt Happy Buckyball

Can you hang these from the back of a pick-up truck?

a bit pricey, no?

Already have these. Fun stuff. Normally $30 for one. You get two. Good deal.

This is a steal for two sets. Should sell out quickly

have a friend who got a set of these for their birthday. VERY shiny neat stuffs!

These things are addictive and great desktop toys to have, I picked up two sets when it was on Woot’s 2uesday sale a couple months ago…amazing the number of things you can do with them. If you need ideas, reviews, or just to see them in action check out Youtube.

Boy, that was a woot kil.ler! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sick of these word filters. La.me.

So much for that… gone in seconds! LOL

Is there any real difference in quality between these and the much cheaper priced Chinese import ones they sell on ebay?


this was a good deal

at least I don’t have to follow this woot-off any longer. I only wanted more of these

Damn that went fast. Like BOC fast (minus the page errors)

I personally own a set of these…actually my son owns both sets…but he is away at college and he left a set behind for the rest of to play with…hours of wrapping them around my little finger…and my other finger…and making a long chain and trying to remake the cube. My other son can re make the cube…I just crumple them up in as small a clump as I can make and put them back in the box after I have had my fill… they will keep you entertained for hours

I was broke the last time these came up and now, gone in seconds!!! Poop.

I like the remedy line of the recall notice: “Remedy: Consumers should take the Buckyballs® high powered magnets sets labeled “Ages 13+” away from children under 14 immediately and contact Maxfield and Oberton for instructions on receiving a refund upon return of a complete set of magnets.”

So if your kid ingests a magnet or three, you at best have to go ‘diving’ for it just to get your money back?