Buckyballs 216 Piece Rare Earth Magnetic Set – 2 Pack

ahh snap…bucky balls are back!!!

Wootoff is moving right along now! Hope I didn’t just jinx it!

I have some. They’re easy to lose.

That cuff went fast…

/* random lame comment */

scratch that, didnt read it fully…


begin the bucky ball zen magnet dispute… 2 for 30 is great price tho

tried to order, it said “sold out”

probably just as well, i’d rather have zen magnets

nooooo… I wanted one.

Oh boy, magnets!


ARGH i hit i want one for TENS unit and it was gone! blah!

Something i actually needed =(

Oh balls.

Uhh, George - I get to feed the buckyballs, right George?

I appreciate the literary reference, Woot!

Why only 5? I have been waiting for these.

WAAY cheaper on EBay…


Soooo sad I missed this… Logged in and they were gone!

I’ve always wanted these things… a bit expensive though…

Great. Been waiting all woot-off for these and I go to eat a bowl of soup and of course, miss it. F-

Did Buddha have Zen balls?