Buckycubes 125-Piece Magnetic Set - 2 Pack

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Buckycubes 125-Piece Magnetic Set - 2 Pack
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I was going to say “AGAIN?”, but then I noticed they’re buckyCUBES.

Sorry for being negative, but cubes are much less fun than balls. Will be skipping this one as can think of much less shapes I can make with these. Zen Balls all the way!

Square is the new round.

Incidentally, making them into the original cube shape they shipped in will be substantially less difficult.

Looks like it would be fun to keep in the office for when you get bored just hope no1 puts em too close to your computer.

Now you can shut it with the two for tuesday comments.

In case you aren’t very creative with the Buckycubes, here’s a demo video!

$24.95 for one set direct from the manufacturer.

Not a bad woot here for two sets.

This appeals to my regular polyhedron fetish.

It never was difficult. It just takes skill! :slight_smile:

My wife has already said several times that she will kill me if I buy any more magnets… as much as I’d love it get some, I have to pass.

What, no more Buckyballs?

Rare earth vs. not so rare earth magnets - anyone? Not too clear on this…

What are the dimensions of a Bucky Cube? Quarter Inch??

How powerful are these?

I dunno… square balls… hmmmmm

2 for Tuesday? More like 250 FOR TUESDAY!

I like how the buckycubes come together to form a large cube. I have always felt that buckyballs, when combined, should form a larger ball. But alas, no.