Buckycubes 125-Piece Magnetic Set - 2 Pack

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Buckycubes 125-Piece Magnetic Set - 2 Pack
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Bucky Cubes! Yay!

Ive already bought these…grrrr

Don’t be so square.

what, no enforced charitable contribution? where’s the fun in that?

these are fun but how badly would they mess up a computer if left on a work desk? Are they powerful magnets?

Introduction Video:


23 min left at work and still no crap. what a waste of day

If they really want to sell these, they need to stop letting us comment. How many have said these aren’t as good as the round ones?


Buy.com has them for a penny cheaper. It’s only worth it if you buy 2 or more.

I wonder if Woot’s CEO owns stock in bucky.

what is it with Buckycubes today? They are also on the members tab for Yugster, but for a 1.00 more. But with no tax there, it’s a wash

I’ll be watching the “woot by state” map to note which states to avoid flying over with my sensitive electronics.


The person in the cube next to me is named Buck (aka Bucky) and it is a borderline Human Resources violation when we talk about Bucky Balls, so I’m all in on Bucky Cubes as it could save my job.

boring… Woot off is not much fun yet today, time to go rake some leaves,

I have these as well, and I must say, I enjoy playing with my balls more than my cubes. They’re still good though and worth adding to your “Bucky” collection.

I leave mine on my work desk immediately adjacent to my computer but have not had an issue. They are powerful little cubes, but nont memory-erasing powerful.

They are slighlty less pwoerfull than the buckballs and due to the geometric shape, the amount of things you can do with them are more limited, but they are still fun. I make little skyscrapers while on hold with the IRS.