Buckycubes 125-Piece Magnetic Set - 2 Pack

I’ll buy these as nice cheap gifts. If the round ones come up I’ll buy a few sets of those too.

Dunno- if he has cubes perhaps he should be reported to HR- he’s probably the reason your health insurance costs went up this year.

I don’t remember Buckminster Fuller ever working with cubes…

There’s always a sucker… just listen to the theme song…

"Checking back to shop for what’s new
I don’t want it but I hope that you do "

I honestly laughed at that

I don’t get it…

I prefer playing with my balls too.

I’m holding out for the dodecahedrons

Never had enough magnets :smiley:

I prefer the balls to the cubes. The cubes are not as flexible.

This may be the best bizzaro world write up ever, or at least this week :slight_smile:

They’re fine around the PC, just don’t put them in your shirt pocket if you have a pacemaker

Somehow, I’m just not attracted to this Woot

Well, it’s slow going but, even if the bar never moves any woot-off is more fun than this!


Woot-offs - More entertaining than an arm full of needles

(and a foot you can’t see, I couldn’t even woot during my earlier acupuncture either it was the shirt detour!

Got these on a two-fer tuesday deal a couple weeks ago, opened the box and my 7 year old entered the room, so we started stringing them out, reshaping, making open squares and then a touch of the corner and the whole thing collapses, we had an hour of unplugged fun with them, was going to take them to work so maybe a set for home and a set for work is just what Woot ordered…in for one :slight_smile:

They had these on sellout.woot a week ago, and I got them. They’re fun, but I’ll always prefer the balls. It’s a good deal, and you definitely need two sets of them to have any fun at all. It’s a pretty fun little desk toy. Not as good as the buckyballs, but still entertaining. Worth picking up in my opinion.

It’s not you, it’s me.
No really.
It really is me.

Buy them for your cow! You can feed magnets to a cow to help keep metal in their first stomach from going any further. It’s suppose to be good for them and they sell magnets for just that purpose.

Accupuncture doesn’t work for Woot-Off addiction.

Wooooo Hooooo 250 little fridge magnets on the way. I will use them to hold my masses of monkeys to the fridge or server rack or both.