Buddah Figural



Google ‘Buddha head’. It’s correct.

Perhaps I was unclear, “Buddha Heads”, no thanks woot.

Everybody enjoys a little cultural appropriation from time to time, but context is important. The reason “Buddha Heads” are a thing is because countless statues were decapitated over the past 300 years of looting to be smuggled and sold to private collectors and museums. Ayutthaya, the historic capital of Thailand, is one example.

It’s no different than ivory.

But it ISN’T ivory. No innocent lives were lost. Yes. It is heartbreaking that this has happened and continues to go on. But perhaps you can look at this as you would consider animals in a zoo: definitely not the best solution, but it introdues humans to the concept of the existence of these creatures, just as the Buddha heads serve to introduce the concept of another culture without requiring the beheading of an actual sacred statue.