Buffalo 4-Bay & 2-Bay RAID NAS Devices

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Buffalo 4-Bay & 2-Bay RAID NAS Devices
Price: $179.99 - 449.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Dec 30 to Monday, Jan 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the product page for the 4-bay model

Only 16tb? No thanks.

Do these include the drives, or are they empty bays, with caveat emptor to add the drives once these are purchased? It sure isn’t clear from the info that is presented…

Drives are included.

What brand are the drives?

While we’re on the topic of drives, what capacity are the individual drives? Does the 4TB model come in a 2x2TB or a 1x4TB configuration? Does the 8TB model come in 2x4TB or a 4x2TB configuration?

Edit: the 4TB version seems to be 2x2TB according to NewEgg

Edit of the edit: B&H Photo lists the 8TB as 4x2TB. Still no word anywhere on the drive brands/models.

They come with four 2tb drives for a total of 8tb. In RAID formation you could get a fast 8tb with no redundancy (speed limited by your external interface) or about 6tb in raid 5. If the controller goes out you might lose everything. If a drive goes out you’ll have to get a replacement.

This is interesting because Seagate has an 8tb drive on the market. I use one for data storage and another for crashplan backup repository. Not instantaneous raid but good enough for me.

(12:05 AM, today) conanthelibrarian comes up with the 4-Bay product page with its pretty pictures, marketing speak, and a few useful things too.

But, but, but…I am still here. The link to the marketing messages?!

It is a great question. Sure don’t want to jump on this if I’m getting 4x2TB Maxtor drives :wink:

I am sort of surprised these haven’t sold out yet. Buffalo are adamant about only using NAS drives in their units. In fact if you read the warranty, anything but and you get no tech support. I had to get WD Reds just so they would talk to me about their crappy firmware (which has since been updated and fixed). I have WD greens in them now though as the firmware fixed the Raid bug issues and the greens have lasted in my D-Links for 5+ years and 2+ on the B’s; on 24x7 and are spinning for at least 12 hours a day. The Buffalo are much faster transfers even though the same 8 4TB WD’s are in the 4 B-NAS 421’s as the 12 4TB WD’s are in the 6 D-Link NAS.

I’d buy another at this price but when you have 40TB in Raid 1 of crap, you have 39.5TB too much crap already.

Remember, “Raid” is not a backup but a mirror image. Yes - I consider it a backup as long as if a drive fails, I replace and mirror it again before it crashes. However it is not. Although to back up 40TB I would need 40TB and who’s to say when the backup to the backup shouldn’t be backed up? Burn your pictures to disc and repeat every 10 years. After 8 cycles, you won’t have to worry about it anyway. The rest is easily re-acquired.