Buffalo 4-Bay & 2-Bay RAID NAS Devices

Do these come with drives? Are they diskless?

They have drives.

IDk, the 2 bays looks nice but at only 800MHz and with 256MB DDR3 kind of slow and no USB 3.0. At least they put a gigabit LAN connection.

Any details on the hard drives they include? New/Used/Refurbished? Who makes them?

I have used quite a few Buffalo linkstation and terastation units over the years for non-critical business use and they’re solid units, though a little short on features. The one thing I would caution any potential buyers about is the speed. Buffalo appears to intentionally nerf the gigabit speed on the lower end units. The terastations don’t usually have this issue, but every linkstation I’ve ever used will not hit full Gb speeds. You’ll get around 60MB/Sec tops. Which isn’t bad, considering their price, but still, it’s something to be aware of.

I noticed that the 4-bay unit specs listed here did not include support for Android or IOS clients. I checked Buffalo’s website and found the support listed in this datasheet:


The newer firmware update seems to have made this a good home/entry level RAID NAS. Good Amazon review. Although it’s for the 420, which is a bit faster.


But are the drives included in the box or do you have to buy them separately???

They come with the drives installed (at least for 4-disk unit) pre-formatted for RAID-5.

Thank you for this information. Of course I am interested in the 2 Bay. :slight_smile: so still not certain. Can we contact Woot some how to find this out?

They come with drives installed to the capacity noted in the features and specs.

There is a bit of confusion in the specs especially on the smaller NAS. The company literature that is referenced as specs in WOOT description implies the 8tb model includes the drives where the 4tb model may or may not. see copied text below in italics:

Buffalo™ Technology’s LS220 series is a two bay Network Attached Storage device available as a diskless enclosure, or fully populated with 2, 4, 6, or 8TB capacity.

Is there away for you to confirm the one LS220 seried offered here on Woot is populated (ie. includes the disks?) and that these disks are 2 TBs each totaling 4 TB??

and thank you so much in advance. :slight_smile:

Support is a concern. I have an earlier Linkstation which I used for three years with no problems at all. The Navigator program kept “reminding” me to upgrade to the new firmware and finally I did. After I did it, I started having problems with music playback using the server function. The music started having dropouts. I checked out each piece of equipment in the playback system and finally concluded that the NAS was at fault. I tried to reboot the NAS and it did not re-boot and finally just bricked. It was long out of warranty, but I assumed that they would, at least, have a paid-for support service available. That is NOT the case! Basically I was told that they provided no factory support for units out of warranty, and that my only option was their Forums. The Forums were no help at all and the unit is now a very nice storage box for the two drives which I reused as backup drives after they were re-formatted. I would advise checking carefully this company’s support AFTER THE WARRANTY IS OVER before purchase.

I’m trying to decide whether to pull the trigger on cheaper model or not. Seems like if I wanted to build my own NAS two 2gb drives is going to run at least $140. Sure, I might find an old computer (I don’t have a desktop) and run FreeNAS on it and be in for around the same price. I’m wanting to set up a PVR computer ala this article. I have never done this, but I’m quickly realizing I want to create a home network. Anyone care to weigh in on whether this is my best solution if I want to stream media out to TVs and iPads?

Both come with drives. We put “Diskless” in the title if it does not come with drives.

Yes, but are they right-hand drives or left?


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The 4-bay does look interesting.