Buffalo AirStation Routers & Adapters

Both the N600 and Highpower N300 have been solid routers for me. These are great prices if you can take advantage of the free shipping going on. IMHO

On Amazon:

Buffalo AirStation HighPower N300 Wireless Router

DD-WRT supported but not tomato… still decent though

Ordered a Buffalo AirStation N600 2x2 Wi-Fi Router and ended up receiving a Buffalo USB Adapter after the much awaited wait. I was disappointed.

Logged 2 support tickets, yet to hear from them. Even more disappointing.

Wondering if I should go ahead and dispute my payment now.

The price for the AC routers is extraordinarily low…

but they have bad reviews at Newegg, so nvm :frowning:

The exact same thing happened to me. Beyond frustrating. They offered me $7 refund to keep the adapter, which btw is on sale here for $15. I paid $45 for the router after shipping. Then they told me the router was no longer available, but I then see it for sale here. What a joke. I told them to send me what I paid for. They are “working with the vendor” to try to resolve. Could be done with Woot after this. Not the first time I’ve run into an issue with an order.

Going to hold off on ordering now. I almost always read the discussion first.

Same here. But for me, instead of getting a refund offer or a partial refund, all I got was a response that said they know about the problem after several days of silence last week. I’m assuming they were busy for the B-Day thing and now in catch up mode but still… really disappointing.
I really hope I don’t have to wait days for another response/solution. I don’t want them to run out the clock on my credit card’s protections cuz it’s been way too long since the purchase already!

I also ordered the n600 routger and was shipped the n300 usb adapter. I’m canceling the transaction with my credit card since I have not gotten a useful response from woot. I am extremely disappointed.

I received the same thing. I’m going to file a support ticket also.

Makes you wonder how many people ordered the adapter and got the router instead?


I was one of those people. They said to give it a few days as they were working with the vendor. We’ll see.

Well, add me to the list. Now, I get to return the USB adapter to get my refund (I hope).

Woot support: “Where we turn irate wooters into “I love Woot”-ers”


I received a response two days afterward. They emailed me a return slip and will refund me after they receive the return.

Glad I am not the only one. What a major shipping fail. Will be more cautious about ordering from woo! in the future.

I ordered the N600 Router and got the N300 USB stick.

I am in major p sed off mode right now.

Hey all- I’m really sorry to hear about the mix-up with the N600 routers. If you haven’t yet, please send your order info and situation to support@woot.com. This way CS can make sure they have the details they need in order to get things resolved quickly. Apologies for the trouble and frustration.

Same here. Got the N300. Disappointing to say the least.

You say “quickly”, and it’s been almost 24 hours and I haven’t heard a single thing from support. Still staring at a useless paperweight.