Buffalo AirStation Routers & Adapters

The WHR-600D is way overpriced. Running roughly ~$30 at Amazon or B&H and is $14.99 after rebate at Tiger. The WMR-300 is an OK price.

I came in to say the same. Had it it my cart and double checked - Amazon is $29.67 with free prime shipping. Not cool Woot!

Seems insane that the N600 is only 10/100.

I know, right? At this point in time, I don’t understand why all routers with physical ports aren’t universally gigabit.

I’ve looked around some and found that it’s actually pretty difficult to find a reasonably priced router with gigabit ports. In 2014, that’s pretty insane.

No support for Openwrt. Crapshoot for DD-WRT.
Why would anyone buy one of these? Waste of money.