Buffalo AirStation Wi-Fi Travel Router

One thing to note about this travel router is that it gets its power via USB so you either need to have your laptop or a wall USB charger to provide power. From what I’ve read the USB cable is somewhat short too.

I’m tech savy and have no idea what this does. Does it set up a wifi connection with some carrier that my tablet then connects to via wifi? If I have unlimited data with my iPhone, what does this do?

Seriously, I have no idea what this does.

This is for the occasion where you are traveling (that is why it is called a Travel Router) and the motel you are staying at provides an Ethernet jack, but no wireless WiFi. You plug this into the Ethernet jack, and it provides wireless access to the internet. So if you have unlimited data to the Internet AND can access it, then, no this doesn’t do anything for you. If, however, you do not have unlimited date, or it doesn’t have HotSpot capability, or it you can’t get service because of the building or the country you are in is incompatible with your data plan, then this might be something you could use.

Thank you for explaining this.

I can’t remember the last time I stayed at a hotel that didn’t offer wifi.

It’s just a miniature version (less features) of a full size router like you would have at home.
It’s for connecting to a motel, airport, coffee shop, etc, wireless network so you can have a firewall between your computer and the “free, open to every one public” network basically.
You just set it up like your home network so it can see the public network then your protected from anyone trying to hack directly into the tablet/computer.
And they do make longer USB extension cables to make the stock one longer.
I’m not up on cell data but if you didn’t get charged data fees while using your wifi at home with your phone it shouldn’t with this one.

Wi-Fi not as common overseas.

Also, often the Wi-Fi signal sucks, so if there’s a hardwire you can create your own.

That said, same price as Amazon, meh. Oh wait, meh is something different.

It happens all the time in Europe. No WiFi, but there is an Ethernet jack available. Who carries a laptop today?

Does this plug into your laptop or the Hotel router?

it plugs into both… the USB cable is just for POWER, so you could use a 5V 1A USB based charger adapter like for your iphone or android cell, or plug it into the side of a laptop. The ETHERNET part plugs into the output port on the router.

That does not make sense. What part of this is wireless if you plug it into both?

Kind of stupid that you have to use usb to power the device without coming with a standalone charger other than a usb cord. If the only usb device you have is a laptop or tablet then not much use in using “wireless” features.

the USB wire is for power. The Ethernet jack is for connection. The wireless WIFI is without wires.

I don’t have experience with this particular travel router, but I bought a ZuniConnect travel router a few years ago and am very happy with it. As others have commented, it allows you to set up your own personal WiFi hotspot. While many hotels offer free WiFi, there are still a good number that charge for WiFi, especially the high end resorts, timeshares, and hotels. I’ve paid anywhere from $7-14 per connection per day at some of these places, and when your family is traveling with multiple laptops, cell phones, and other wireless devices, the WiFi connection charges can really add up fast. The way I use my ZuniConnect is to attach the device to my laptop, then connect to the hotel’s network either wirelessly or through an ethernet jack. Once everything is set up, my whole family can share my connection over our own personal hotspot, while only getting charged for one connection per day. It really pays for itself very quickly if you find yourself staying at places that charge for internet access. I’m curious enough about the Buffalo router, and the price is fairly low (I bought the ZuniConnect for $35), that I may buy one just to try it out.

I got me yesterday, and of course the first thing I try is to update it to the latest firmware. No go - it is still at version 1.0 but version 1.3 is available. Has anyone been able to update theirs? One other person on Buffalo’s website is having the same issue, but no solution yet.