Buffalo Bills Premium Reaper Jerky

Buffalo Bills Premium Reaper Jerky

$35.99 for ONE 2.6 ounce package of jerky? It must be made from a Saber Tooth Tiger or Mastadon! I thought it was for a case of twelve but if it is I can’t find that information anywhere. No sale WOOT.

Just buy Devil’s Dust and sprinkle it on regular jerky instead of paying $44/lb.


Or just stick a bottle of hot sauce up your bum :smile:

It’s all the same… innit

It puts the lotion on its skin, so you get great flavor?

Of all the products to share a name with a fictional serial killer, jerky has to be the worst, right?

I didn’t know Fidel Castro was an eBay seller.

Yeah, that (5) is small, and is the only mention of quantity. I guess they are not too worried about selling this gold dust.

Even then $36 for less than a pound of jerky is rich. This stuff will expire before it sells.

The product is sold on the manufacturer’s website for $10.99 for a single pack. They also offer a 4-pack for $35.99. I assume this offer is a for a 5-pack.

So 13oz. I believe my math is correct. I think I calculate that this is $29.24 a pound, before shipping or tax. A little outrageous for any beef jerky. Okay… A lot outrageous.

This is why I used to woot daily, and now visit weekly or bi-weekly.

Yeah, the quality dropoff after the Amazon buyout was a steady run downhill. There’s still Meh at least.

Shipping is included in the price…

Your math is incorrect as their are 16 ounces in a pound.

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I already did the correct math and it’s $44 and change/lb. 35.99/13 = 2.77 x 16 = $44.32/lb.

how did u get this?