Buffalo DriveStation 3TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive

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Buffalo DriveStation 3TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive
Price: $99.99
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Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4 out of 5 stars) over at newegg.com

Will this work as just a plain mass storage without all the fancy software (for Linux)? Is the RAM caching something that the software does with the host RAM or is it built into the drive? (And if the latter is there some sort of backup power to flush buffers?)

Some failing issues discussed here:


I’m a fan of the specs, though.

3.6 Stars over at bhphotovideo.com

The wife and I have been talking about ripping all of our DVDs and packing them away. I had literally just decided that this was the hard drive for us a couple hours ago. And I was gonna pay thirty bucks more. Thanks, woot!

I really wanted to pull the trigger on this but the amazon reviews of the past 6 months really just murdered this products quality for me.

Gueaa I’ll stick to cloud services for the time being :frowning:

At first it says ok for Mac then it says Windows repeatedly. Will it work for Macs or no?

Could this be used as a network drive? I know it doesn’t have LAN.

Yes but it would require the host computer to be on all the time. This would be quite a power expense compared to getting a true NAS box.

Or it depends on if your router independently supports creating network drives directly.
I just got a new router that allows plugging drives directly into it via USB and setting them up as shared drives and I did that with an extra harddrive I had and a standard enclosure.

So can I use this with my Xbox One with some reformatting? Would it still have the fancy RAM caching or just be mass storage?

Wow, those are some scary reviews. Better off getting a standalone USB3.0 enclosure and popping a drive into it, I’m thinking… You lose the RAM buffer, but gain oh so much more.

This drive seems fraught with problems according to the Amazon reviews. It’s changed my mind about purchasing one even though I’m a crazy chance taker I can’t risk the irritation of losing that much data.