Buffalo MediaStation Portable Blu-Ray Writer

Time to check out the product page and pretty good reviews (4.3 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Wouldn’t USB 2.0 transfer speeds be pretty slow for creating blu-ray disks?

Anyone who bought these last time going to report in? I never did grab this last time, still considering it.

Not really. The drive is pretty slow to begin with. USB 2.0 is “up to” 480 Mbps and the highest write speed this drive will go to is 6x which is about 216 Mbps. USB 3.0 on this drive would be wasted since it would never reach anywhere close to 4.8 Gbps. Take a look at the USB specs at the link below and the Blu-ray burn speeds.

Hope that helps out! :wink:

I got one last time and tried it today and it didn’t work. I wasted two Blu-Ray write-once disks already. At $2 per disk that could add up fast. At first I tried to burn files the way I would with a DVD and that failed. I assumed it was my fault so I used the Cyberlink PowerBackup software. That also failed. It will probably end up being mostly a Blu-Ray player. $igh

THANK YOU! That information helps me a lot. I can’t find any reviews for this thing in all the usual places, which means to me it never really made it to market.

Does anybody know a reliable, inexpensive portable DVD burner? I have a bunch of leftover blank DVDs and would like to back up my photos and music. I’m not interested in the Blu-Ray feature.


For future-proofing, I bought This one and it’s been very reliable. For $10 more you can read Blu-Rays (but not write them - like you, I don’t care about writing Blu-Ray discs, but I do occasionally like to read them).

I bought this to work with my Mac Mini so I could rip CDs, DVDs and BDs onto my Plex Media Server, but it will obviously work with Windows as well. I’ve also burned quite a few DVDs and yet to make a coaster.

I bought one and tried to image my Win7 drives on my desktop and laptop. All failed due to “media errors”. Used HP BD’s on sale at Microcenter 25 ct for $20. Don’t know if it’s the media or the machine.

Finally bought a WD Element TByte portable HDD and backed up both machines on it. Much quicker! Worked first time.

the speed of blu-ray of this product is 6×, 27MB/s. It is a bit slower than the maximum speed of USB2.0 which is around 35MB/s.

I have an ASUS model that also uses 2 USB cables like this one and it has worked fine for me. I don’t know anything about this model but in theory it ought to work.

Not even a little. USB 3.0 being considerably faster, doesn’t make 2.0 especially slow. It would have to burn several factors faster to come close to transfer speeds being s problem.