Buffalo MiniStation 1TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive

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Buffalo MiniStation 1TB USB 3.0 Hard Drive
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A few very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at BHPhotoVideo.com and two perfect reviews over at microcenter.com

As Conan said, great reviews in lots of locations. Only $10 more at the mothership with free shipping for Prime. Not a huge savings, but maybe worth it for anyone already planning on buying one tonight.

I have never used this brand before and have no idea how good it is. The Seagate equivalent of it (which I have bought six of these over the years between work and home) is $64.99 (with free Prime shipping, so it’s the same total price as this deal) http://amazon.com/Seagate-Expansion-Portable-External-STBX1000101/dp/B008R7FC74

Is it possible to set one of these up with a bootable partition and an o/s?

CSB: A long time ago (back in the dialup days) My internet provider guru dude swore by Seagate and warned me strongly against WesternDigital drives. I think nowadays they’re the same company :::shrug::: /CSB

That being said I have had a couple 500 GB Buffalo external drives for a couple years and they’ve been champs. No problems at all.

If your computer can boot to a USB drive, it should be fine. You can do whatever, just change your BIOS to point to USB first and load the OS from your external drive. That’s a little different from an internal drive bootup, will take a little longer to boot and write etc but perfectly do-able.

I have the HP Pavilion Center PC, it is the Model m8100n. Which it has a internal USB port door that I can add a HD. My question would this fit into mine and also would need to buy any other wires to run it?

This is a portable drive which plugs into a USB port. Your computer has two USB ports on the front and 4 USB ports in the back. All of them are USB 2.0. This drive will work faster with a USB 3.0 port but there is nothing stopping you from using it in a 2.0 port.

This is what USB ports look like:

The blue ones are 3.0. The drive will come with a cord to plug it into the port. No need for any external power other than what is supplied by the USB port.

May be a dumb question (although I’ve been told that the only dumb questions are the ones that aren’t asked, but that wouldn’t make it a question, which makes that dumb)… but, ANYWAY, under client support they list Windows and IOS, exclusively. Is there anything stopping me with this drive to use with Ubuntu or a variant thereof? Also on that note, besides accessing the drive through Ubuntu, I’m going to assume I can install Ubuntu on the drive itself and use it as a boot device? My main question, however, is if it’s accessible as a secondary storage device through Ubuntu OS?

It should be possible to reformat the drive to anything you want. I’m guessing what they mean by Windows/Mac compatibility is that the included software will only run in those cases. If you’re not planning on using the Buffalo Tech package, you should be fine.

As far as using the drive as a portable Ubuntu boot device, you should also be fine so long as you’re connecting it to computers that allow USB boot and have it enabled in the BIOS.

I’m curious about two points myself: The model of the hard drive used in the unit, and whether it’s possible to simply extract said hard drive and install it as an internal. The sole datapoint on that is a very poorly answered question on the Mothership.

So would this be an option to plug into my router and use as a poor man’s NAS? Any issues with being connected long term?

Should work just fine. I use a wide variety of external USB drives/storage all the time w/ Ubuntu on several different systems. In fact, my Ubuntu system is often cable of reading disks (and esp. cheap thumbdrives) that colleagues windows machines won’t touch.

yeah, this. My guess is that they change out the actual drive as they see fit. Note the lack of actual write speed info - they just give those ‘up to’ numbers.

I don’t think they’re the same company. Seagate and Western Digital are two separate publicly traded companies - WDC and STX.

I have the same experience with Western Digital. The only drives I have ever had crash/go bad during their useful life were Western Digital. (Well, I had a Maxtor drive hooked up to a SATA-to-USB cable and I tripped over the cord and sent the drive tumbling onto the hard floor. It stopped working. But I don’t really blame Maxtor for that.)

But by the same token, I have a stack of dead Seagates I’ll trade for your dead WDs. Not that bad batches don’t get out, as we all know, but if a drive isn’t known to be part of a bad batch, it’s just anecdotal.

Would something like this be suitable for use as an external drive for a console gaming system, specifically, the Wii U?

If you can live with few less GB’s there is a deal over on the Deals.Woot side for a 750 GB portable Western Digital USB 3.0 drive for $29.99, shipped free from Tigerdirect. That requires a $20 rebate but even if you ignore the rebate it is $49.99, shipped free vs. this Woot @ $64.99 shipped.

Deals.Woot WD 750 GB drive

Some work and some don’t. I’ve had external drives that get recognized by the BIOS and some don’t. I don’t know how to tell if this is one or not. I was trying to load a ghost image onto a newer WD external drive that worked fine in windows, but the the BIOS wouldn’t see it as a device. Changing over to my older (Wooted) Hitachi drive ( http://www.woot.com/offers/hitachi-simpledrive-iii-1tb-stainless-steel-external-hard-drive )worked OK.