Buffalo Sunset


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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SDS really needs some tweaks, I guess! Congrats Loop! This was my favourite of the fog. Beautiful line work, beautiful colours, beautiful design. :slight_smile:

grats loop!!! Nice piece to win 1st place

This could be the first yellow shirt I buy. Great job.

The detail in this print is going to be nothing short of absolutely stunning when this reaches your doorstep. Unfortunately I just got my “Death has keen eyes” shirt so I’m not really in the mood for this color shirt right now. Might regret it later, but I’ll hold my $10.00 for another day.

I’ve told you man… NEVER trust SDS… it’s just a guessing game.

this is such an awesome shirt. Congrats on 1st and I have already ordered this wonderful piece of art. :slight_smile:


I was the first sucker for a little bit. In for one, great design!

Oh man! Is there a 1920x1200 px of this image? I want to make it my desktop background!

This doesn’t surprise me at all. This shirt was burnin’ up the charts most of early week. Every time I checked this site, it seemed it was at the top of the hotness until late in the game.




This shirt is beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

i dont think this yellow will go well with my pastey white skin… i love the design though… congrats to the artist, you had my vote

very pretty; nicely done. congrats : )

Congrats Loop for the print!

I don’t want to be another one of those people who is always wishing for this or that, but if this was done on a brown, khaki or creme color it would have fit my style. This is the last time I wish for anything though, promise! :slight_smile:

Its really nice and intricate. The clouds flow perfectly with the image, I just love the design!

yay!!! got mine. :slight_smile:

i’m so happy for you, loop!

I’ve spend a fair amount of time in buffalo country out west and this is as nice as most anything you’ll find. Great job.

Hesitated four, five seconds before pushing the button.

But goodness, I have a lot of Woot shirts.