BUFFALO Tech Dual-Band Wireless-N Router



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BUFFALO Tech Dual-Band Wireless-N Router
$49.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Mine came to me bricked. Blinking “DIAG” LED twice every few seconds, never boots.

It’s a tricky process to get it unbricked, but I was successful with a little cool hackery:


DO NOT follow the directions for the “netsh interface ipv4…” line. Instead, type “arp -s 02-aa-bb-cc-dd-20”, then try the TFTP utility. When it completes, type “arp -d”, then set your computer’s IP settings back to automatic, and you’re done.

Also, BE SURE TO DISABLE ALL FIREWALLS. For good measure, it stands to be repeated, because I made this mistake myself: DISABLE. YOUR. FIREWALL. IN. WINDOWS. That’s the only way the TFTP responses get back to the computer, because the connection is very unstable with the router’s bootloader.

Once I got it to send, the DIAG light on the front blinked for a good 3 minutes straight, then started blinking faster for another minute, then it rebooted itself a few times, and finally came up after about 6 minutes. Yes, 6 minutes! If you think it’s dead or didn’t work, let it sit and DON’T power it off. If it’s not blinking the DIAG light like it was before, it’s working on fixing itself!

Now I have a working router, and I’m happy. :slight_smile: