Buffalo Wireless Networking Devices

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Buffalo Wireless Networking Devices
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Newegg has some reviews for the router

Time to check out the product page for the WZR-1166DHp, WMR-300 and the WLI-UC-GNHP

The Buffalo WLI-UC-GNHP does not appear to support 5ghz, so that’s a bummer.

Let’s say you want to use this in a hotel room where the wired internet is decent but the wireless bites.

Let’s say that the wired connection requires a login (room nbr/last name kinda thing) when it spies a new device on the wire.

Will this pass the login requirement through ? I tried to use one once but could not connect to the router until it had an internet connection, and could not get an internet connection until I could connect to the router…

(Ummm…referring to the portable guy)

That white thing looks like a Tampon case, but it does work. I have two of them from the last Woot.

RE: AirStation™ N300 Wireless Travel Router

I got this on woot a while back. I spend 3-4 nights a week in a hotel. Only three hotels have had a wired connection since I bought this little gem. Of the three; only one did not pass through the login screen.

The two times I’ve been able to use it; it’s been great. Nice strong wireless throughout the room.

One caveat; I primarily use a tablet so I don’t have a usb to plug the WMR-300 into for power. The network outlet/cable isn’t always conveniently located near a power outlet. I use a dual-port usb adapter with a usb extension cord to power this sucker up. (The second port is for the phone)

Re: WZR-1166DHP As with any router, the ONLY thing that matters is 3rd party firmware support. Without it, I guarantee you WILL find something broken or deficient (such as NAT loopback on this router) that will not get fixed, and you will lose hours figuring that out.
There DOES appear to be a dd-wrt build for this, but very little info on issues or success with the loads. It’s a gamble.
Here’s the build: ftp://ftp.dd-wrt.com/others/eko/BrainSlayer-V24-preSP2/2014/05-27-2014-r24160/buffalo_wzr-1166dhp/

I would not buy a door stop from Buffalo. Burned once on a Link station that broke one day after warranty…