Buffet Of Crustaceans 585286

Buffet Of Crustaceans 585286

Nooooo! I got one.

vop instantly. couldn’t have been any faster

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0 for 9

OMG! Will these ever end?


Gotem! Refreshed VoP 3x, then sent to checkout!

VOP is ok. It’s an order queue that spits out orders to the server.

Confirmed resident of the vestibule


Hello VoP, my old friend.
I’ve come to sit in you again…


Randomly showed up. Saw BoC immediately popped up on the sale page. Insta-VoP

If you are cozy in the vestibule and see on the page that it sold out, is it safe to leave said vestibule?

Its a scam and we stupid ppl fall for it

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VoP every time today. Such is life


I’m stubborn and have nothing to do thanks to the smoke.

I have no luck today

dang! the app is lagging really far behind…just popped up this BOC afte it being live on the site for over 7 mins…i’m in the VOP again…but doubtful it will tilt in my favor

alas :monkey: :monkey: :poop: :poop: :poop:

Well, unless the Woot Off goes beyond 10 PM Central, it will end then, right? :slight_smile:

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Oh snap. Good answer.

Anymore tonight? Missed that one due to a pee puddle

i’ve gotten a BOC after waiting in the VOP long after it was showing SOLD OUT on the site.