Buffet Of Crustaceans 585286

Okay looked thru the unboxings and, well, please tell me the cost of these bags of literal CRAP is 1 dollar or free… What’s the cost??

$9.99 + tax.

$9.99 - worth the fun, I suppose I should say disappointment lol

Oh my!!!

And if I’m being honest, if you price out what you get based on Amazon, you always get more than 10 bucks worth of stuff. That you don’t have a rifle to put the LED gun light on doesn’t matter, does it?

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Well you folks enjoy…I would have much more enjoyment donating the 10 to charity or starting more fires here in cali… I think it’s about time I uninstall woot… I sadly am not a wooter, it’s not for me… Sorry, not sorry… Lol

I donate 90% or so of my bags to charity right away. It’s the only way I can allow myself to buy more.

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The daily games were somewhat fun but even those were tied to an insulting offer to buy an ugly shirt… I tried… ¯_(⊙_ʖ⊙)_/¯

Where else can you get a sweet platter of the Columbus, Ohio skyline? I never knew I needed this.


You’re coming across them at a rough time being that we’re in the middle is a pandemic and all. The variety of items is usually a bit better than it is recently. They also host a lot more interactive events during better times. I use items everyday that I’ve gotten at an extreme discount from here including some from BoCs. Think of the BoC as a grab bag. It’s not always about what’s in it as it is in finding out what’s in it.

P. S. I’ve easily paid for every BoC I’ve ever bought from selling the few random goodies I’ve found. Not all of them are great but they don’t promise to be.

I mean, somebody I know got a Ninjabatt in their B0C!


I thought it was ninja turtles?


Nice (possibly inflated) price on Amazon.

Same manufacturer

I received a new Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 Gaming Headset last April when they were over $150 on Amazon. Do I expect that for every BoC? No, but there’s a chance for something like that or some other worthless treasure that I would love just as much. You can’t say that about going to the store and buying something of the shelf for $10.


And even if I don’t get anything which I personally can use, I either know somebody who CAN use it, or I mail it (when the pile of stuff adds to) to Goodwill.