Bug off Chad

Bug off Chad


Got one. 3rd one this year. The disappointment rains upon me.

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Another one??!?!

Gone in less than a second.



And on mobile :smile:

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Woohoo! Gotcha!

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I GOT ONE!!! I am so excited! I can’t wait to be disappointed! Wooooo Hoooooo!

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So sad. I got one last time. I’m not allowed and my office mate is named Chad!!! :sob:

Woot-offs are not as exciting if you won a BOC in the last 31 days :thinking: I am hoping they have a couple that don’t have the 31 day restriction

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Spread the disappointment!

The last BOC I got was during the woot off on the 2nd. The one previous was Christmas 2009. I should be able to average one per 31 days, so I should be able to buy 119 more :wink:

I meant spread it with other people. :slight_smile:

There should be a couple of BOC during the Woot-off without the 31 day restriction to keep everyone interested.

Congrats! but at the risk of creating another competitor, could you kindly tell me which page I should be on to see the BOC (is it on the Clearance page?), and whether the BOC offer comes up automatically, or whether you have to keep refreshing your browser? Thanks fellow wooter.

Keeping an eye consistently on Woot-Off - Woot would also help.

Nahhhhhhhh. Spread the disappointment.

Yes, the Clearance page (Although there have been some random BOC like random shirt deals in the past). And yes you will want to refresh your browser constantly every time an item sells out.

They usually show up on the forum way faster than the main site. :slight_smile:

I’ve never got one. No biggie.
I’m pretty pissed about missing out on the Dungeons & Dragons manual set though.