Bugout Bag Starter Kit

Bugout Bag Starter Kit
Price: $59.99
Condition: New

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**Item: **Bugout Bag Starter Kit
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New

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This could definitely come in handy when the zombies come.

(or if you wanna be boring, in case of any real emergency i guess)

Edit: Just read writeup for this product. heh heh heh…

Some additional info on the backpack can be found on the product page


Lot’s of comments on the backpack when it was sold in August

Take a peek inside

Bugout bag? I guess…if you’re "
“bugging out” to starbucks.


when the kelty backpack was $19.99


Lot’s of comments on the backpack when it was sold in August

So this is basically Woot’s re-branded Crap Bag

a bugout bag should hold 3 days worth of supplies food and water included.

this kelty 25 is a really nice pack but more for like a day hike…

This bag might not be a bad place to start, but you’re probably better off assembling your own bug out bag with these guidelines from the Red Cross. http://www.redcross.org/prepare/location/home-family/get-kit

A day hike pack with no hipbelt or dedicated place for a water reservoir (besides the laptop pouch)?

No thanks.

This is basically a bookbag with a small emergency kit thrown in. You would still have to add some stuff.

But hey it’s better than nothing in the exponentially small chance you need a bug out bag.

No offense, but the for BOB’s generally assumes a desire to get AWAY from other humans and not be noticed. Kinda bright colors for the packs, with that in mind. Camo, dark gray or black would make the most sense.

I am pretty sure the only think you need in a bug-out-bag is two (one for each hand) handguns. Maybe a shotgun, and as much ammo that will fit in the bag.

Didn’t anyone at sport.woot.com play Oregon trail?

Curry…what ever happened to Blue for boys and Pink for girls?

A BOB that cannot fit any true survival gear, and lacks basic survival gear such as small rope, wire, med pack, hand saw, water purification, etc, etc, etc? Do youselves a favor folks. Go to an military surplus store, buy a real field pack, and build a bag on your own. You will spend less and get the items you actually need.

Heh. Nice manicure, lichme.

While I’m sure the idea is appreciated, this bag is a sure way to be underprepared even to start. You’re much better off reading the Red Cross’ guide and SAS Survival guide, and building your own from the ground up. Also; make sure to utilize the 3-2-1 system, it’s great for emergencies, and will prepare you for much more than just having a go bag.

Rather than overspending at a Surplus store, support a local Goodwill. They get ALICE packs and other fantastic military rated gear all the time, for dirt cheap, and it’s normally in decent condition (Or easily repaired, they’re great at sorting out the trash.)

So I feel like it’s a bag… with a bunch of crap in it. Half of which you probably already have (and half of that you bought off of Woot anyway). Seriously, for survival gear, I hope this apocalypse amount to a brisk, windy day.