Buhel Smart Bluetooth Sound Sunglasses

Very disappointed with this. I was hoping it would be a great accessory for biking, working in the yard, and driving, in particular.

The fit on my face does not allow the bone-conduction devices to touch my head. Instead I can just about hear the audio output in my ears. The notifications beeps are extremely loud but the output volume is low enough to be barely discernible.

The instructions say it may take several minutes to adjust and for the brain to select the audio coming through the bone conduction. Again, I don’t think I can test this well due to the fit of the glasses around my head.

All-in-all, this was an experiment with poor results for me. I had high hopes for these and those hopes were summarily dashed.

I figured as much, I cant find any actual reviews of the product in question. Just ads on youtube. Thank you, I WAS interested for a moment.