The headline/features/specs for the small (6-inch) plate sets says you get 6 of either the round or square design - but the photos show only four of the square plates in the caddy.

Are the photos wrong?

Woot!s Five Step Business Plan to Sure-Fire Success.
S1) Build a bar
S2) Use chairs with weight limit of 200 lbs
S3) Sell liquor without a license
S4) …
S5) Profit!

Seriously Woot, I’m absolutely in the market for bar stools but if I had these in my house I’d have to put warning stickers on them for fear of normal sized people sitting in them. If their max load truly is 200 pounds these chairs should be over on the Kids! page :wink:

Do any of these hold up outdoors?
In the market for some outdoor barstools but dont want ones with huge wicker backs/armrests because they wont fit

What what I’ve been told by our buyers, chair limits of 200-250 are pretty standard in the industry. YMMV on actual capacity but that’s kinda the industry safe answer.

Considering the torino. Can anyone speak for the build quality?

I like booze…

Is 30" considered “bar height” or “counter height”? I can never remember…

Google is my friend. :happy:

Do you mean this sale? Round plates are shown in the photo gallery.

I personally would never buy anything Trump.

Uh - who in their right mind uses leaded crystal as something to store potables in? Using a glass to drink from is fine(ish) - but an ice bucket or decanter where things your guests will ingest linger long enough to allow some lead to leech into them?! Stupid. Any lead at all is bad. There’s no “safe” amount (and we already get plenty from our polluted streets and highways). Just a thought.