Build a Fort Kit – 2 Pack

Oh these are so perfect - I just got done painting a camo patterned wall in my son’s room and these would complete the decor quite nicely

Everything Comes in Kits nowdays!

…back in 'nam we used chairs and blankets

if it had poles to make a good fort I’d go for it… but $15 for some rope and a pair of camouflage blankets… not worth it. Ah well, until another day

Not lamb, lame!

Possibly a finalist for the WWE (Worst Woot Ever). This is possibly lower on the scale than the USB dongle lock that I bought (And love so much).

Wish I was younger so I could build two forts in the front yard and not get weird looks from the neighbors.

why would anyone buy that? … like ANYONE?

Man, some of my forts growing up were so complicated they may have required blueprints. I don’t see that in this kit. :frowning:

I dunno, but can does this kit allow incorporation of chairs/blankets/pillows so we can mix the old with the new?

cool, it’s cheaper than blankets & chairs

This is not NAM. This is fort-building. There are RULES.

A king size bed sheet cover would work better. This is too small.

I got drunk and made a chair/blankets fort with my friend the other night. So hard not to pull the trigger on this.

This is what I have always wanted.

Wow kids LOVE to build forts! I’m so in for this.

Is the carry bag safe so somebody doesn’t suffocate in it?

They were acquired in a hostile takeover by Bed, Bath and Beyond, homogenized and sold off piece by piece.

verb we could make a mega fort with the fort kits!!!

This is a good kit if you throw in some old fashioned spring clip clothespins. I have seen kids make some serious forts out of these kits, with that addition.

Any idea if the fabric is strong enough to survive the cat clawing it?