Building a Gaming PC on DELL HELP!!!!


I’m trying to build a gaming pc on dell. I thought about building one myself but decided against it. So my question is, will this pc I build be a strong gaming pc, what should i upgrade? Thanks

-Intel ® Core™2 Duo Processor E6400 (2.13GHz, 1066 FSB)

-Genuine Windows Vista™ Home Premium

-19 inch E197FP Analog Flat Panel

-2GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz- 2DIMMs

-320GB Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) w/DataBurst Cache™

-16x DVD+/-RW Drive

-Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3000

-Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio


-Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator X3000


If dell will let you do it, get the Core 2 Quad processor and as much memory as possible.

I really don’t know about the graphics stuff, but get the highest you can on that as well since it is going to be a gaming PC.

ooooorrrrr you could probably just save money by buying a PS3 or Xbox 360.


well i have a 360, do you think i should up it to 4 gb memory?


not sure if i can get that but i know i can get 256MB ATI Radeon X1300 Pro. How does it compare?


I would. I’m pretty sure games require quite a bit of memory.


Now this is my dream pc, to bad it costs $6,738.

Intel® Core™2 Extreme QX6700 (8MB,3.2GHz Factory overclocked)
Genuine Windows® XP Media Center 2005 Edition with re-installation CD
4GB Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz - 4 DIMMs
1TB Performance RAID 0 (2 x 500GB SATA 3Gb/s 7200 RPM HDDs)
Dual Drives: 48x Combo + 16x DVD+/-RW w/ dbl layer write capable
20 inch UltraSharp™ 2007WFP Widescreen Digital Flat Panel
24 inch UltraSharp™ 2407WFP Widescreen Digital Flat Panel
Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX, 768


Your computer sounds pretty good already, the only thing you might want to upgrade is your video card, and maybe a little bit more RAM.


You’re welcome.


y not just build your own from top of the line parts?

for 6 grand I would love to put together my own dream machine without the hassle of all the bundled crap that comes with a dell.

just throwing that out there.


maybe he didn’t want the hassle of doing it himself… he said he didn’t want to build it himself, so i presume he could if he wanted to… i am most likely getting my next computer from a local store that builds them for parts +$75… well worth it in my opinion.

i thought dell had an option now where if you paid a little bit more they didn’t give you any bloatware? if not, this seems worth trying


Building one is really not that hard as many on here probably can say that it wasn’t.

If you are that big into gaming, I am sure that you know your way around the insides of a computer and you can easily google instructions if it worries you that much about it.

My first one is still running strong after 4 years, with only having to replace a case fan and a chipset heatsink.

Its always fun to tell people that you built your own computer, especially those who are afraid to even open one up.


It really isn’t that hard. Just do a little research for compatibility and be careful with the parts and static electricity when you assemble them. It’s really all plug and play and common sense. Also, don’t cheap out on parts like the PSU or mobo. That can make a headache, and if you’re having problems, there’s also a good chance it’s due to crappy ram.


no, it’s certainly not, but the time it takes to actually do it and get it up and running, in my case $75 is money well spent… i’d probably do it again when i have more free time


$75 is certainly worth it to get the computer you want built if you don’t want to put in the time or suffer potential headaches. I can’t argue with that. It is fun and rewarding, however, so if someone does have the time I’ll give them all the encouragement in the world. I’m getting a MacBook Pro for my next computer and throwing all that out the window anyway.


nooooooooooo you’re switching to the dark side!

i had been looking at a mac pro, but it’s just so expensive, even with a 20% hardware discount…

edit: but it’s only expensive compared to desktops; compared to workstations from dell or hp, which is really what it is more comparable to, the mac pro is a bargain


Yea, my girlfriend has the 17" MBP with all the upgrades. It’s so sweet and she got an educator’s discount. I’ve been using iMovie, iDVD and Garageband for my own stuff and she can’t keep me off the thing. Can’t imagine what I’d do if I had Ableton Live, Final Cut, Aperture or Photoshop. I don’t want to fall into the commercials, hype, or fan-boyism, but it’s been so easy just to make it work and create what I want with quality, right out of the box. I look at it as a creative tool.

I’ll always be using Windows at work, I’m a network administrator and IT director for christ’s sake, but when I go home, I could give a crap about Windows Server and business apps. I want to do video and music production and photo editing, and it excels at that. Yea, I know you can do it all in a Windows environment, and I have up until this point, but when I invest in a new machine in order to perform those specific functions, it’s a good time to switch. I also really like MacOS and I think I’m going to wait for Tiger before I buy.


I would look into a mac, if i could build one myself.


you probably could if you could get your hands on one of their motherboards… they don’t use a bios, they use something newer that Intel developped… beyond that it seems like pretty much standard parts/parts that you can easily get your hands on… maybe you can even get an appropriate mobo easily.


Yea, it is possible, just takes a little work. I for sure want a laptop for my next computer though which would be way too much of a headache/impossible to build.