BUILT Neoprene Slim Sleeve for all iPads

Sigh…Ipad Ipad…Ipad…

I feel like Jan Brady…everything is always for Ipad Ipad…IIIIpad!

I wonder if this will fit my asus slider that I just bought ?

Man that thing is ugly! Doesn’t really fit ‘all’ iPads either.

Thx Guy. I will hold off then. I was just needing something for my Asus Slider that I bought off here a month or two back . is all to protect the screen . If push comes to shove will just make one lol. But that is work :frowning:

Just in case no one has said it yet… “Worst Woot-Off Ever!”

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Most tech stores have a huge selections of ‘generic’ cases like this, I’m sure one of them will fit the slider.

This one is perfect camoflogue for old Las Vegas casinos!

Tru dat lol . Now you can hide all the millions when you win them there in that case lmao lol.