Built NY Case Event



Stylish? Handy? They certainly seem priced low enough, and good if you’ve unlocked shipping…


I bought the blue ultra compact hoodie case to stuff my phone into for those times it floats around in my purse collecting scratches and dirt. I wasn’t sure if it would fit my Samsung Galaxy 3 but it seemed like it might. I thought it was all fabric, and if it had been, I could have stretched it to fit reasonably okay, however I was surprised to find that there’s a hard shell on the back of this case, causing it to not be able to fit.

A $3 mistake, no big deal but I will say that the case is terrific quality, it’s very sturdy, surprise carrying cord built into the hardshell case part, a pocket in the back between the fabric and card case to slip something small such as a memory card or someone’s phone # :wink: if you can size it right, it’s a great buy for what it is. The specs listed, however, do seem a little sketchy.


That’s a surprise worth letting people know about, thanks! :slight_smile:


Does it have a belt loop? If the only loop is the snap top, then rather than just removing the bottle when you want a drink, you’d have to unsnap the carrier, take a drink, then reattach the carrier, with the bottle inside, to your belt. I’m not sure that’s practical, because that’s a two-hand operation. If there’s standard belt loop on the back, I can remove the bottle, drink, then return the bottle to the carrier - all with one hand. That’s much more practical if I’m holding a shopping bag, hiking stick, subway strap, etc. in the other hand.


I must weigh in here.

I bought the laptop sleeve, the tablet portfolio AND the hoodie camera case recently.

They are all amazing. They are really thick, protective neoprene. The laptop sleeve fits my 17" laptop, the charger and files and papers.

There are many ways to wear my camera case: i slip my belt through the cord for safety, but then just let the neoprene “hoodie” hold the case to my belt. the camera fits so snugly it wouldn’t fall out even if it was turned over. I place the large glass screen against the hard back for additional protection.

The tablet portfolio came with a half inch thick piece of firm foam padding that i actually keep in there to abut my tablet screen. I fit both of my tablets in, even with that padding, and the charger fits in the outside pocket.

The kids have already called me to ask me to buy the neoprene sleves to go with the 10 Stanley water bottles i just bought . . .I’m sure i will, i just need to figure out the timing with shipping.

The only drawback: i bought these items at more expensive prices, but, guess what: I DON’T CARE. I am using them to their fullest.

( . . .ok, maybe i care a little teensy bit.)


A note on the 11-13" Messenger Bag: here’s the product page, and note that retail is $49.99, not $69.99 as Woot claims:


Bought a bunch of these last time (at higher price) and the only one I dont like is the compact hoodie camera case. It has a hard cardboard-like backing to it, so it’s a bit hard to squeeze into a jeans pocket - you can bend it to conform, but it’s a little awkward to use - the hoodie design seems silly for camera, since you have to make a concerted effort to pull the top of the case off and on to get the device in and out. Not good if you want to take a quick snapshot. An Elph fits snugly, as does an old ipod touch, and I suppose you could leave the hoodie part bent back, but … not my favorite. The compact soft camera case will also hold an elph style camera - but I’ve found that one (with zipper top) has been great for earbuds or sync cables … even credit cards or loose change. Very handy. The netbook envelope is perfect for ipad + kindle touch together - the touch slips into the small outer pocket under the flap and the ipad fits in the main compartment. That’s the one I use daily. Not sure if a full size kindle would fit, but I imagine the new paperwhite one might. Also have been happy with the laptop sleeve - I had my doubts about the flower pattern (and it’s bright yellow on the inside ) but it’s a perfect fit for my older 17 inch macbook pro. It also was handy as a portfolio for papers. It zips at the TOP, not the sides. Laptop envelope was bought as a gift, but it seems similar to the build of the netbook envelope, just bigger. They’re all well made and useful - just not useful for my size camera. I’ve been making due with the next size up my the LX5 (a “kindle” case with zipper closure ) - that one doesnt seem to be on sale today. All in all these are very nice - plan to give a few as gifts and keep a handful for myself.


11-13’ neoprene case is amazing, the neoprene is nice and squishy, plus waterproof enough to keep my stuff dry if I have to go through a little rain. The big pocket is big enough to fit my 5 subject notebook and a textbook or two snugly and it has a built in ipad sleeve that I use for my netbook. Lots of pockets but still a really good size to take on a full train without bumping into people.

The strap can extend well past the normal messenger bag extension, I’m 5 ft 8 in and when fully extended it hits the back of my knees.

I bought the city grid one last time and used fabric markers to add a design, the neoprene holds the ink really well. All in all I’m very happy with it.