BUILT NY Compact Soft Shell Camera Case

Useful but ugly :-<

Other than the bag o’ coprolite, I don’t know what I’m looking for today… but this isn’t it.

Four years on Woot, and never managed to snag one… maybe today’s my day…

Don’t expect to see a Bag of Carp during the Woot-off because they offered a Bag each day last week via Facebook posts.

Odd how the stitching makes this look like a weird green softball

This is what happens when you push the “I want one button”

To everyone who asked what kind of camera that is in the case, I’m pretty sure it’s a Sony Bloggie

I certainly hope you are not holding your breath.

I think I’d have asphyxiated four years ago :stuck_out_tongue:


What a great observation!

Not even anything cutesy on Kid to buy in the meantime.

they havent done them since it killed the servers two woot offs ago.