BUILT NY Ergonomic Hard Case for iPad 2

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BUILT NY Ergonomic Hard Case for iPad 2
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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this isn’t woot.com

this is iWoot.com

Well, whaddya know… more iCrap!


So no Big 'Ol Chumley today

Ugh, more stuff, come on woot don’t you have some nothing?

Certainly people will stop whining if you offer them nothing.

heh… woot said “hard”.

I wonder if you people complain this loudly whenever one of the eReader cases comes up…

only if it’s compatible with iProducts.

I won’t… the whining is the fun part.

There are still 4 hours left, so we can continue to hope.

This might be a good deal for someone, and I would have been in for 1 if I had an IPad.

you missed it, the bag of woop ass was last week…

On wine.woot they have a stainless steel holder for all of your whine.

As soon as all Android tablets are the same size and use the same connectors, I’m sure things will even up.

Glancing at the Wine wootoff, wondering, is it just the regular site that has the BoC? Could there potentially be a Box of Drank or something similar for Wine, or maybe something similar for the other divisions?

Yeah but the boxes don’t fit it.

Appears I haven’t missed much today.

is it just me or woot.com is getting worse every year. its not just the the item they have on sale but most of it i can buy from somewhere else for $5-$10 more at my convenience with free 2 day (fast) shipping.

I can’t take it anymore, i’m going to let my 3 year old handle this site. Thats it Honey click on reload