BUILT NY Ergonomic Hard Case for iPad 2

Man, I wonder how badly the servers are going to eat it once the last map gets out there (if it ever does, people don’t seem to want these cases here…)

I have 11 pieces. How many more? There has to be an X somewhere, right?

Yes, I’m sure if you were able to magically guess the missing piece, or say, try 26 combinations randomly…you’d get to go to the BOC page early. I’m sure they haven’t say…left it turned off until they give us the last piece.

Sorry…east coaster being forced to stay up gets cranky.

Damn you woot, your so random B()Cs have kept me glued to a computer for more than the regular 10 hours a day…

does anyone else have a hole in there map?

Cheapskate Bay…Chesapeake Bay…NY…Ergonomic Hard Case…Connection?

It’s like a kindergarten class at my desk right now. Bits of paper, scissors, tape and junk food strewn about

Seems like they got tired of hiding “- TREASURE -” in the product write up.

Yay I’m immortal!

woot TEASE. In caps.

It looks pretty simple, as long as you have all the pieces.

they have been doing these just about every hour so i guess sometime after midnight eastern, i feel like an easter egg hunt would have been more fun than an f5 fest

i know some of you smarties have figured it out, pm me please!!!

I did it the modern way. Copy image, paste it into a new layer in paint.net, give it some transparency, and move it into it’s spot.

*EDIT: oops, its

I’m pretty sure you can see part of the X on one of the pieces…not that it helps without any more info.

I have all of the pieces but when I put them into paint, the left side got cut off… can i send my complete (so far) map to somebody and have them either fix it or just send my a not crappy map?? I spent a lot of time getting the pieces, but would like it if my paint skills didn’t hinder me from getting a BOC for the first time :frowning:

Buy this stuff already so that we can get to the other pieces, I want to go to sleep!

Woot! Got it - wrote a one liner to test the remaining letter combinations.

what are the last 3 letters?

Bock Pic Cwm Cwm Mend Pfft If