BUILT NY Fliptop Camera Case

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BUILT NY Fliptop Camera Case
$8.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Case, people. It’s just the case. Don’t even ask if the camera is included.


Oh god, there are at least 99 of them.

I’m all alone… :wah:

Nice case but my camera is a hybrid and wont fit, perhaps some bacon would fit nicely.

I hope you guys like this because I had to recall some crap I learned in middle school just to make it.


Does this count for meme time?

There was a much more creative one, but… recent news events have rendered it unwise to post for fear of offending someone.

Of course!

Hokay. I’m thinking this is yet another Woot-Off! without a BOC & I know people will say BUT they just gave lotsa BOCs on Facebook. Yet I don’t much care.

I’m off to bed.

just took one for the team…

It’s a meh case, half-way between a proper camera case and a neoprene sleeve. Very stiff on the front (curved part) but not on the back. Decent enough for preventing your super-thin still or video camera from getting bunged up in your bag, but not tough enough to prevent it from getting broken should anything fall on it. You could wear it on your belt, but getting the camera out in that case would be difficult.

On Facebook?

Apparently I’ve been doing the wrong thing by going where the actual merchandise is found.