BUILT NY Protective Smart Back for iPad2

Psssst. I’m over here now.

Snaps on securely to work with Smart Cover (Smart Cover not included

Read the next bullet! Read the next bullet! Don’t stop now!

Where’s the camcorder ?

Mini… IPad mini… I want to see more stuff for the mini!!!

Odd how the people of New York don’t find this as appealing? But Utah, WOW LOOK OUT!

Too new. We sell old stuff. :tongue:

Those Utah folks are always buying up stuff.


P.S. that last post, which has been deleted, the number wasn’t real…the numbers spelled something…

I didn’t nuke it…let’s see what it was again LOL :smiley:


ahh geeze this will take me a sec…i gotta find a phone…

Oh sorry. The delete finger goes into overdrive when it sees a phone number.

Nap time.

I don’t know why you’d say that…but…mice will definitely try…

supposed to be…(hah) nice try…

aghhhh I was pretty close! no mice…just nice hahahaah

allright try this one Sell…