BUKT NY Bowery Laptop Messenger Bag 16"



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BUKT NY Bowery Laptop Messenger Bag 16"
$24.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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chick magnet here folks, buy 3


Is “BUKT” a typo? I’m confused.


Ummmm…does this come filled with raw bacon?


Texas seems to think so.


Nice for traveling, UNDERWATER!


I need another laptop bag like I need another hole in my head…


Now I kinda wish it had been a dock or tv. At least the discussion would have been interesting.


I guess since Amazon took over we will never see a “pope hat” item again


I have gone a little woot off crazy I think half my woot purchases ever have been today.



Surprisingly none of them have been an iPOD or iDock


im getting a 15.6in lenovo y580. will this be a good for it?


It’s what the kids are saying these days. "Yo my man-holmes-bro-dog, that laptop bag is BUKT! BUKTWYLDE!!!




Le sigh.


Will it keep my laptop warm underwater?


Adorama price $24.95 with free shipping


Actually, I DO need another or 2…with several laptops in the family, and 2 daughters carrying theirs daily, a spare is nice!


was wondering the same thing myself. i have a 15.6" t520…