Bulba Plant

I see 4 cats growing out of this plant. Does this mean that the plant is a pussy (cat) willow? :slight_smile:

(Let me try that again… Pussywillow…

Good Grief! My perfectly innocent comment is being censored!

This one is so weird I want to bite. But printed to order?

I’m very leery about ordering anything with bright colors on dark if it’s printing DTG. It’s almost always a huge disappointment.

Gotta plant 'em all?

Gotta pick 'em all?

Either way, I don’t like Pokemon’s new catchphrase.

So printed to order shirts are a different process? I bought a shirt a while ago and was happy when I saw I could re-order it in the “all designs” category - but I was so disappointed as the color difference was just so very dark and bland.

Would love to get some clarification from staff on it, but that’s my understanding. Everything from the back catalog and maybe everything from the plus sales is printed to order on their digital process. Dailies used to always screen print but recently that seems to be a toss-up. Maybe it’ll screen at a sales threshold? I don’t know.

The following is a general practice but not hard-n-fast rules.

Woot has made significant investments in developing the future of apparel graphics. All of our on-demand shirts are printed using a state of the art digital process that yields the softest possible print, bright colors and minimal environmental impact.

We’ve moved many of our shirts to DTG to reduce the time it takes to get you your shirt. That said, there are times when we will use screen print:

Metallic Inks
Glow-in-the-Dark Inks
High Quantity sales (think over 200 in one day)

The high quantity is needed to justify creating and printing via screen print.

Dailies are still screen-printed as far as I know…

They’ve reverted back? Except for specialty inks, all of the dailies I’ve purchased since July have been DTG and quantity has not been a factor …

Woot needs more dark humored shirts. I love this one!

I double checked, it all depends on the quantity sold. See my post.

Thanks, TT! It could be a very recent change, as going through some of my dailies from the last couple months, Chemewstry might actually have been screened. Super Ugly Gaming Sweater was DTG, as were all copies of The Experiment, Meowter Space, and Coffee Science. Trojan Rabbit is unknown; it’s “somewhere”.